Multimodal feedback for the acquisition of small targets

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Título: Multimodal feedback for the acquisition of small targets / Andy Cockburn and Stephen BrewsterAutor: Cockburn, Andy
Notas: This paper examines how multimodal feedback assists small-target acquisition in graphical user interfaces. All combinations of three feedback modes are analysed: non-speech audio; tactile; and pseudo-haptic "sticky" feedback. The tactile conditions used stimulation through vibration and the sticky conditions were implemented by dynamically reconfiguring mouse control-display gain as the cursor entered the targetRegistros relacionados: En: Ergonomics. - London and Washington. - Vol. 48, nº 89, 15 July 2005 ; p. 1129-1150Materia / lugar / evento: Ergonomía Interfaz Ordenadores Hombre-máquina Interacción Percepción táctil Otros autores: Brewster, Stephen
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