Why has safety improved at rail-highway grade crossings?

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Título: Why has safety improved at rail-highway grade crossings? / Shannon C. Mok and Ian SavageAutor: Mok, Shannon C.
Notas: The development in the 1970s and early 1980s of the operation lifesaver public education campaign, and the installation of addintional lights on locomotives in the 1990s, each led to about a seventh of the reduction on collisions and fatalities at railway-highway intersections.Finally, a major part of the reduction on this accidents is due to closure of crossings resulting from line abandonments of conslidation of little-used crossingRegistros relacionados: En: Risk analysis : an international journal. - New York and London. - Vol. 25, nº 4, August 2005 ; p. 867-881Materia / lugar / evento: Accidentes de tráfico Causas de los accidentes Análisis de siniestralidad Ferrocarriles Peatones Autores secundarios: Savage, Ian
Títulos secundarios: Título: Risk analysis : an international journal
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