Human responses to augmented virtual scaffolding models

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Título: Human responses to augmented virtual scaffolding models / Hongwei Hsiao... [et al.]Autor: Hsiao, Hongwei
Notas: This study investigated the effect of adding real planks, in virtual scaffolding models of elevation, on human performance in a surround-screen virtual reality system. The results showed differences in human responses to real vs. virtual planks in walking pattern, instability score and heart-rate inter-beat intervals. The response of the constructors and the unexperienced participants would be employed to take practical implications from a virtual environment, and to develop the programme for balance-control training to reduce the risk of falls at elevated constructionsRegistros relacionados: En: Ergonomics. - London and Washington. - Vol. 48, nº 10, 15 August 2005 ; p. 1223-1242Materia / lugar / evento: Ergonomía Seguridad en la construcción Prevención de accidentes Métodos de análisis Realidad virtual Autores secundarios: Hsiao, Hongwei
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