Decisions without blinders

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Título: Decisions without blinders / Max H. Bazerman and Dolly ChughAutor: Bazerman, Max H.
Notas: Bounded awareness appears when cognitive blinders prevent a person from seeing, seeking, using, or sharing highly relevant, esasily accessible, and readily preceivable information during the decision-making process.This phenomenon causes people to ignore critical information. Learning to expand the limits of the awareness before making choices would save organization from asking "How did we miss that?" after the factRegistros relacionados: En: Harvard business review. - Boston. - January 2006 ; p. 88-97Materia / lugar / evento: Empresas Liderazgo Toma de decisiones Planificación Cognición Información Métodos de análisis Habilidades directivas Error humano Comunicación Autores secundarios: Chugh, Dolly
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