Test the water

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Título: Test the water / Marco BonnizziAutor: Bonnizzi, Marco
Notas: Water mist systems acting as a replacement for suppression systems utilising halon or other chemical inhibitors, have been successful to date in some situations, but the ability of water mist to achieve gas-like effectiveness is generally not seen. A new approach from Pursuit Dynamics plc, the PDX firemist system, is as near to a gas-like alternative as a water mist system can physically achieveRegistros relacionados: En: Fire prevention. - London. - nº 397, October 2005 ; p. 56-58Materia / lugar / evento: Seguridad contra incendios Sistemas de protección contra incendios Aparatos a presión Bombas de agua Extinción de incendios Tests Títulos secundarios: Título: Fire prevention
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