Knowledge sharing in organizations : multiple networks, multiple phases

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Título: Knowledge sharing in organizations : multiple networks, multiple phases / Morten T. Hansen, Marie Louise Mors and Bjorn LovasAutor: Hansen, Morten T.
Notas: Different subsets of social networks may explain knowledge sharing outcomes in different ways. We found support for these arguments in an anlysis of a sample of 121 new-product development teams. Within-team and interunit networks had different effects on the outcomes of three knowledge-sharing phases: deciding whether to seek knowledge across subunits, search costs, and costs of transfers. These results suggest that research on knowledge sharing can be advanced by studying how multiple networks affect various phases of knowledge sharingRegistros relacionados: En: Academy of management journal. - New York. - Vol. 48, nº 5, October 2005 ; p. 776-793Materia / lugar / evento: Empresas Coordinación Gestión del conocimiento Redes de comunicaciones Comunicación interna Equipos de trabajo Diseño de organizaciones Competencias Estructura organizativa Otros autores: Mors, Marie Louise
Lovas, Bjorn
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