The Art of making smart big moves

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Título: The Art of making smart big moves / Paul Strebel and Anne-Valérie OhlssonAutor: Strebel, Paul
Notas: Companies make big moves when they change direction with a large commitment of resources. These moves typically involve a different set of products or services, a new customer base or new ways of operating. For many companies, incremental growth is not sufficient, because the changing business landscape is forcing corporate leaders to learn how to reposition their businesses more fundamentallyRegistros relacionados: En: Sloan management review. - Boulder. - Vol. 47, nº 2, Winter 2006 ; p. 79-83Materia / lugar / evento: Innovación empresarial Cambio estratégico Estrategia corporativa Dirección de empresas Empresas Autores secundarios: Ohlsson, Anne-Valérie
Títulos secundarios: Título: Sloan management review
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