Risks of mortality and morbidity from worldwide terrorism : 1968-2004

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Título: Risks of mortality and morbidity from worldwide terrorism : 1968-2004 / Kenneth T. Bogen and Edwin D. JonesAutor: Bogen, Kenneth T.
Notas: Worldwide data on terrorist incidents between 1968 and 2004 gathered by the RAND Corporation and the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the prevention of terrorism were assessed for patterns and trends in morbidity/mortality. Both organizations have worked to prepare an online database of terrorism incidents to help researchers, analysts, and others working to prevent terrorism. The resulting MIPT terrorism database system now provides public access to comprehensive information and intelligence on terrorism, including two RAND databases containing date, location and victim-rate data for specific eventsRegistros relacionados: En: Risk analysis : an international journal. - New York and London. - Vol. 26, nº 1, Febrero 2006 ; p. 45-59Materia / lugar / evento: Gerencia de riesgos Terrorismo Bases de datos Evolución histórica Víctimas humanas Mortalidad Autores secundarios: Olin, Stephen S.
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