The Role of reinsurance in catastrophe risk funding

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Título: The Role of reinsurance in catastrophe risk funding / Gary Mcinally and Mark ButterworthAutor: Mcinally, Gary
Notas: Insurers can view the benefit of catastrophe reinsurance from two closely related perspectives, each with its own related language. Historically, reinsurance was viewed simply as a mechanism to help smooth claims from "bad" years across all years; the reinsurance premium paid each year was seen as paying for the significant recorveries that were received in a bad year (plus a reasonable contingency margin for the reinsurer)Registros relacionados: En: Risk management. - New York. - Vol.52, nº 7, Aprl 2006 ; p. 20-22Materia / lugar / evento: Modelos actuariales Reclamaciones Catástrofes Reaseguro Compañías cautivas Autores secundarios: Butterworth, Mark
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