Been through the storm

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Título: Been through the storm / Alfredo Guerra, Kathie KearneyAutor: Guerra, Alfredo
Notas: Every company has the responsibility to its employees, customers and stakehalders to ensine. That damages are mitigated in the event of future disaster. And, planning is the key to any successful disaster recovered. Compared to the devastation of recent years, the 2006 hurricane season has now came and fane without major impact for most U.S business. This cannot necessarily be taken as a sign of things to came, however, and companies that use this as a validation to domwgrade their prepared ness are certainly taking a unyopic view of thingsRegistros relacionados: En: Risk Management. - New York. - Vol. 53, nº 12, December 2006 ; p. 46-50Materia / lugar / evento: Huracanes Tormentas Catástrofes naturales Gerencia de riesgos Evaluación de riesgos Empresas Planificación de la prevención Autores secundarios: Kearney, Kathie
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