In Prise of the incomplete leader

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Título: In Prise of the incomplete leader / by Deborah Ancona... [et al.]
Notas: Today's top executives are expected to do everything right, from coming up with solutions to unfathomably complex problems to having the charisma and prescience to rally stakeholders around a perfect vision of the future. But no one leader can be all things to all people. It's time to end the myth of the complete leader. Those at the top must come to understand their weaknesses as well as their strengths. Only by embracing the ways in which they are incomplete can leaders fill in the gaps in their knowledge with others' skillsRegistros relacionados: En: Harvard business review. - Boston. - February 2007 ; p. 92-100Materia / lugar / evento: Liderazgo Conductas del líder Directivos de empresas Competencias Desarrollo directivo Mejora continua Valoración de la capacidad laboral Autores secundarios: Ancona, Deborah
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