Asia insurance review-Número 11 - noviembre 2020

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Publicación: Asia insurance review

Número: Número 11 - noviembre 2020

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Australia's dysfunctional disability income insurance market McNamara, Paul p. 16-17
The Road less travelled for foreign insurers Abbas, Ridwan p. 42
Whither Indian insurance brokers? Khanna, Anoop p. 19
Motor insurance faces its greatest test John, Jimmy p. 22-23
Will bancassurance have a place in the post-COVID-19 world? Sadiq, Amir p. 24-25
Parametric insurance to re-energise Asia p. 26
Building a future-proof digital transformation plan p. 28-29
Short-term stress is a motivator in the long run McNamara, Paul p. 36-37
Positive year for evolving reinsurance market Zaki, Ahmad p. 38-39
Opening the market, tightening regulation Sadiq, Amir p. 40-41
Shaping the future of insurance Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 44-45
APAC insurance regulators' response during coronavirus crisis p. 46-47
The Fractal shock of pandemics and other tales : [Interview to] Denis Kessler, Chairman and CEO of SCOR p. 48-49
Preparing for pandemics, climate change and cyber p. 50-51
Uncertainty driving change p. 52-53
ILS remains a secure risk-transfer tool Zaki, Ahmad p. 54-55
Asia will continue to be the growth engine of reinsurance Khanna, Anoop p. 56-57
Lessons to be learnt from the pandemic Khanna, Anoop p. 60-61
No risks are uninsurable Khanna, Anoop p. 62-63
ReCovering from COVID-19 p. 64-65
Smaller reinsurers in South Asia: opportunities and threats John, Jimmy p. 68-69
Cyber attacks drive action on risk in Asia Pacific p. 72
The Geneva Association : cyber risks and insurance p. 74-75
Time for China's motor insurers to shift gears Sadiq, Amir p. 76-77
Risk : floods can swamp China Khanna, Anoop p. 78-79
The Evolution of InsurTechs Zaki, Ahmad p. 84-85