Cyber attacks drive action on risk in Asia Pacific

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Título: Cyber attacks drive action on risk in Asia Pacific
Notas: Sumario: Recent cyber attacks in New Zealand have demonstrated that all countries, regardless of size, face cyber risk. Leaders representing smaller nations might hold onto a false belief that the cyber risk faced by their countries is much lower than that of larger countries, such as the US or Japan. This belief may be born from of a low number of reported cyber events and associated news coverage within their country. But cyber really does pose a global threat. RMS' Messrs Russell Thomas and Matt Harrison give an informed view.Registros relacionados: En: Asia insurance review. - Singapore : Ins Communications Pte Ltd., 2009- = ISSN 0218-2696. - 02/11/2020 Número 11 - noviembre 2020 , p. 72Materia / lugar / evento: Ciberataques Ciberriesgos Riesgos emergentes Gerencia de riesgos Asia Pacífico Otras clasificaciones: 7
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