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How to succeed in Euroland: The countdown is on. It is almost times for European Monetary Union. But Insurers are still not prepared for the impact of the euro
Yo-yoing Premiums: Companies are taking different attitudes to the deepening soft market. Some are cutting back business until prices pick up, while others are aggressively looking to grow their portfolios.
The Rumble Down Under: The battle for control of GIO with AMP has degenerated into an ugly war of words between their bosses. We profile the classic example of how not to acquire a rival
Views From the Summit: In the first market research of its kind, we asked the people in charge of the world's largest reinsurers how they see the future of their business and what problems they face
Foreing Hopes Soon To Be Fulfilled: Prospect for the liberalisation of India's insurance market have gone from being possible to inevitable. The political wrangling continues, but foreing insurers believe the end is in sight
West Profits From Aisan Adversity: Asian companies are selling out to their Wester joint-venture partners to stay afloat. This reality is sweeping away the last remainig resistance to the WTO deregulation agreement in these countries
A Big Hunger for Big Risks: All three domestic reinsurers have made losses in 1998. An Australian reinsurer accuses his colleagues in the marketplace of being naive and reckless. Either they get tough and become profesional
The $165m Car Crash: This business has presented London underwriters with losses. Why were they so keen to underwriter the business without the help of insurers
Left Out In the Cold: two US property/casualty companies that were once the darlings of Wall Street have fallen from grace. Ben Dyson asks what went wrong with TIG and Vesta
A Mixed Marriage: The first acquisition of an investment bank by a reinsurer
The New Demerger Diet: The old mix of property, casualty, life and health was once thought to be the perfect recipe for a good insurer, but is now regarded as stodgy
Life After Palm and Gluckstern: Centre Re has lost one of its founders, a number of senior staff- and now its name
How to succeed in Euroland : the countdown is on, it is almost time for European Monetary Union but insurers are still not prepared for the impact of the euro
Yo-yoing premiums : companies are taking different attitudes to the deepening soft market, some are cutting back business until prices pick up, while others are aggressively looking to grow their portfolios
The rumble down under : the battle for control of GIO with AMP has degenerated into an ugly war of words between their bosses
Views from the summit : in the first market research of its kind, we asked the people in charge of the world's largest reinsurers how they see the future of their business and what problems thet face
Breaking down the resistance : after years of price fixing, German insurers have had to learn quickly about market forces
Big, bigger, biggest : buyers and analysts are optimistic about J&M Marsh Mac's acquisition of Sedgwick group, but what does it mean for the rest of the broking market?
What comes down must go up : in spite of making consistent losses, the airline business has seen years of price cuts from insurers, but it looks as if there is now a will to return some sanity to the market
New dawn for Asia : following news of one financial crisis after another, now could well be the moment for foreign insurance companies to invest in the region, but they are still reluctant to do so
Bermuda faces the new millennium : a complete change in their prospects has caused Bermudian companies to reflect on their future, as a result, the Island's status quo has radically altered
Brown and Gibbons head $400m start-up : Ex-centre solutions chief David Brown and former Bermudian finance minister Grant Gibbons have teamed up to launch a new company
Wall Street's Stars : ACE and Exel's new money has allowed them to buy themselves into the global elite, their shareholders are delighted, but can it last?
Modern ART trarnsformed : three new ART companies are consolidating Bermuda's reputation for innovation
Foreign hopes soon to be fulfilled : prospects for the liberalisatin of India's indusrance market have gone from being possible to inevitable, the political wrangling continues, but foreign insurers believe the end is in sight
West profits from Asian adversity : Asian companies are selling out to their Western joint-venture partners to stay afloat, this reality is sweeping away the last remaining resistance to the WTO deregulation agreement in these countries
The top 100 : the year's editin of the ranking that everyone in the industry wants to read
The 20 largest reinsurance groups in the world
The top 100 biggest reinsurance companies
The runners-up to the top 100
The New generation Freeman, Brendan P. 42-45
Challenges ahead : the immediate future looks bleak for reinsurers, more companies may soon disappear
The $165m car crash : this business presented London underwriters with losses, why were they so keen to underwrite the business without the help of insurers-and what are the dangers in doing so?
Left out in the cold : once lauded, now spurned by investors, this is the story of their rise and fall
A mixed marriage : the first acquisition of an investment bank by a reinsurer, widely regarded as a win-win for both sides, it could herald closer cooperation between other companies
The new demerger diet : the old mix of property, casualty, life and health was once thought to be the perfect recipe for a good insurer, but is now regarded as stodgy
Life after palm and Gluckstern : centre Re has lost one of its founders, a number of senior staff, and now its name, but deep down it is still the same old company, says its creator Steve Gluckstern
Germans flourish in Dublin : normally conservative German companies have flocked to set up cutting-edge risk-solving units in Dublin, the attractions are clear, they argue, even after further European economic integration
The new bond capital of Europe? : folowing its success in marketing itself as a finite risk centre, Ireland is now set to change its rules in a bid to become the natural home for securitisation
The perfect relationship : advocates of the traditional reinsurance market are fighting back against the cat bond sellers, there is a long-term economic benefit for buyers to remain loyal to their chosen reinsurers say both cedants and reinsurers
Corporate cat bonds on the way : several big corporations with large exposures in cat-prone areas want to bypass the insurance market and issue their own cat bonds, a deal could soon be announced
How to guarantee your earnings : insurers are looking to bundle both insurance and financial risk into one package, the response has so far been slow but the final result should keep shareholders happy
The Lloyd's captive maze : the first Lloyd's captive has been set up, it took two years from start to finish thanks to bureaucracy and the initial reluctance of the Lloyd's market
New appetite for risk : insurers are increasingly providing capacity for political and export risks, they are keen to exploit new opportunities and have provided clients with better andmore flexible coverage
The figures tell the story : insurers and reinsurers' latest results show that after three good years their figures were ruined by a number of heavy losses, further consolidation in 1999 is inevitable
Virtual upstarts : retailers and banks have realised that they do not need to set up costly back offices to establish a successful insurer, they are exploiting their brand names to chip away at the dominance of traditional insurers
No pain, no gain : outsourcing could be the solution for insurers who are having to re-think their investment portfolios in the new low-interest rate environment
The final frontier of risk : enterprise risk management could be an inexpensive way for US corporations to transfer all their risks, it is the kind of pioneering venture that Captain Kirk would have applauded
Treasures among the wreckage : with a few notable exceptions, the share-price performance of insurance companies over the past 12 months has been dismal
The end of the line for incentive commissions? : brokers are still receiving hidden commissions from insurers and they continue to be unwilling to talk about them, it is a practice that, sooner or later, must end
The wind of change : deregulation of the marketplace is forcing Arab insurers and reinsurers to confront a new era of competition
More haste, less speed : too many satellites are being launched without adquate testing, leaving the insurance industry to pick up the tab
Who's afraid of the capital markets? : a willingness to take on risk will enable insurers and reinsurers to fend off competitionn from the capital markets as long as they can reduce their clients' cost of capital
Bright forecast for profits : you cannot beat the weather, but now you can buy derivatives or insurance to protect yourself aganint
Mickey goes to market : corporate insurance may never be the same again, the owner of Disneyland Tokyo has completely bypassed the traditional market o issue the first corporate cat bonds
Calling for urgent change : India has lapsed back into political turmoil, but still foreigners cannot wait to set up there
A realistic option? : a healthy business in selling insurance options has sprung up, they give buyers vital room for manoeuvre when assessing their risks
Standing out from the crowd : worried about getting hit by a golf ball, or receiving bad publicity for your restaurant if you poison a customer? If so, this is a perfect time to buy insurance, it's just publicity-seeking gimmickry, say critics.
The three faces of Lloyd's : the three men in charge of Lloyd's talk frankly about how they have brought the 300-year old institution up to date and ready to face the 21st century
Where does Lloyd's go from here? : corporate capital has changed Lloyd's, while global conditions have deprived it of its traditional niche, after saving itself from oblivion
Tough times ahead : Lloyd's may have survived the very real threat of extinction, but its troubles are far from over as the venerable institution is wracked with internal conflict
At what cost? : an exclusive analysis of the deal season has mixed news for reinsurers, the good news is that companies bought more coverage, the bad news? they paid less for it tahn the year before
Insurers braced for III Winds : for the first time we have fed the forecasts into acat mode lto come up with insurers' potential exposure, the results show that La Niña conditions could spell trouble for them
A relentless struggle : once again, the US and Japan are al loggerheads over the deregulation, or lack of it, in the Japanese insurance market, they cannot even agree over what to argue about
Trying to keep Pace with the Internet : as litigation mounts and cyber pirates threaten company domain names, a new insurance product offers welcome protection to companies' brand assets and R&D
New coach calls for teamwork : he's the first outsider ever to run Guy Carpenter, the US insurance establishment's reinsurance broker
Bermuda cats come down to Earth : the Bermuda catastrophe insurers, stellar performers in previous years' rankings, have seen their profits slump
What's bugging the cedants? : delegates of this year's Rendenz-Vous beware! Teh millennium timebomb is set to drop on Monte-Carlo, buyers predict their pre-renewal discussions will be dominated by the Y2K issue
Monte-Carlo or bust : it's been called an expensive anachronism, a week-long junket on the French Rivera, but it's still the reinsurance conference, read our indispensable guide to the Rendez-Vous
Back to the future : the workers comp business is the epítome of the boom and bust insurance cycle, yet companies never seem to learn the lessons of the past, Why?
Keeping up with the client : the creation of mega-insurers has forced reinsurers to justify their own existence, but now they are fighting back, readically restructuring so they can respond to their clients' global needs
Welch's man at ERC : employers Re's new chief executive is no reinsurer : profile Dave Calhoun
Brazil keeps the world waiting : reinsurers have been waiting breathlessly for the privatisation of the state-owned reinsurer, teh IRB
A shock to the system : insurers and reinsurers feel they have escaped lightly from the Izmit earthquake, but the lessons they have learned tell them they may not be so lucky in the future
AMP's nasty surprise : AMP's hostile acquisition of GIO was a long, bitter affair, but things have now become even messier, GIo has announced massive reinsurance losses that have ruined AMP's results
The end of the M&A wave? : the feeding frenzy in the US insurance market has eaten up many companies and consumed billions of dollars, but new evidence shows the pace of activity is slowing
Freeing up the industry : transformers are faced with the awkward task of converting client-specific reinsurance programmes into standardised risk for the capital markets, but are they taking off?
Net access to new business : insurers and reinsurers have been slow to embrace the Internet as a powerful selling tool, but they will need to do this to be able to compete effectively in tomorrow's market
The big thinker: chief executive Bill Adamson has high hopes for CNA Re
A whole new environment: environmental impairment liability was no-go area of the insurance world
The struggle for top-line growth: top 100 US reinsurance buyers and sellers
Still alive and kicking: mid-size US reinsurers
Balancing risk and capital: risk-adjusted return on capital
Cost crash the pain barrier: personal injury claims in the UK have increased as a result of changes in personal-injury litigation law
Judgement day is near: as Y2K looms, insurance companies have taken extraordinary measures to protect themselves for claims
The murky issue of compliance: Y2K has been creeping up on the industry for a long time, but many companies are still struggling to complete remediation
The risk from low flying share prices
Making bonds fly: following on from catastrophe bonds, credit risk is the latest example of the convergence between the insurance and capital markets
Wall Street amateurs need not apply: the trouble with underwriting credit risk is that losses accumulate very quickly
Wrapping up the Japanese bond boom: financial and credit insurers have turned their attention to the booming securities market in Japan for new business opportunities
The big if the new company to be formed by merging the property/casualty operations of Skandia
Seeking refuge from competition: depressed commercial lines pricing and the looming threat of foreign competition are forcing Arab insurers to review their books of business