The Coming commoditization of processes

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Título: The Coming commoditization of processes / Thomas H. DavenportAutor: Davenport, Thomas H.
Notas: Business processes - from making a mousetrap to hiring a CEO - are being analyzed, standardized, and quality checked. That work, as it progresses, will lead to commoditization and outsourcing on a massive scale. Three types of process standars -- The standars - driven commoditization of software development -- How does a process standard become successful? -- Generalizing process management standards -- Other process management standards -- Where will process standards lead us?Registros relacionados: En: Harvard Business Review. - Boston. - Vol. 83, nº 6, June 2005 ; p. 101-108Materia / lugar / evento: Directivos de empresas Dirección de empresas Management estratégico Recursos humanos Organización Procesos industriales Planificación estratégica Empresas Otras clasificaciones: 922.111
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